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Prospectus for Admission to MBBS / BDS in Government Medical & Dental Institutions of Punjab Session 2011-12 - University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore Pakistan

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Prospectus for Admission to MBBS / BDS in Government Medical & Dental Institutions of Punjab Session 2011-12 - University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore Pakistan

Part 18 of 53 (Prospectus 2011-12): Nawaz Sharif Medical College NSMC Gujrat, University of Gujrat

Nawaz Sharif Medical College (NSMC), University of Gujrat
Nawaz Sharif Medical College was established in April 14, 2009 as a constituent college of University of Gujrat to provide optimum medical education/healthcare facilities for industrial triangle of Gujranwala, Sialkot and Gujrat. Nawaz Sharif Medical College is located about 12 Kms away from the city at Hafiz Hayat Campus, in a pollution free scenic landscape. Prof Dr Nasir Aziz Kamboh is the current principal of the college.
University of Gujrat has dedicated one complete block with covered area of 67,000 sq ft. newly designed building is comprised of three floors having demonstration rooms, lecture halls, faculty rooms, fully equipped IT lab, basic sciences’ labs, museum, dissection hall and library with video-conference facility. University of Gujrat emphasizes to promote the research culture in medical education by providing all possible facilities to accomplish the said task.
DHQ Hospital (Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital) has been attached with Nawaz Sharif Medical College as teaching hospital. It has 425 beds capacity at present but will be enhanced in near future as Government of Punjab has allocated sufficient funds for up- gradation of clinical departments to advance the medical education/healthcare facilities in the region. Nawaz Sharif Medical College is affiliated with University of Health Sciences Lahore.
Address: Nawaz Sharif Medical College, University of Gujrat
Tel: 053-3643112, 3643097, 3643168
Fax: 053-3643034, 3643167


University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is an innovative, vibrant, internationally recognized student centered research university with 80 colleges and institutes affiliated and about 35,000 undergraduate and 4000 postgraduate students registered.

UHS is focused on delivering high-quality instruction in basic medical sciences, revitalizing the neglected fields of nursing and other allied health sciences, pioneering courses in biomedical engineering, genetics and behavioural sciences, and fostering significant on-campus and off-campus research activities.

The core values of UHS include: Quality Assurance; Justice, Fair play, Merit and Transparency; adherence to Standard Operating Procedures with zero tolerance to deviation; Resistance to all Pressures; building innovative culture; and, commitment to implementation, output and devotion to public service.

The mission of the university is "Qualitative and Quantitative Revolution in Medical Education and Research through Evolution".


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