Examination Rules: Conduct of Examinations (Practical): Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad Pakistan (Matric FSc Secondary School Certificate SSC-I and SSC-II, Higher Secondary School Certificate HSSC-I and HSSC-II Examinations Result syllabus model paper)

Published on October 27, 2009 at 6:05 pm

Examination Rules: Conduct of Examinations (Practical): Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad Pakistan (Matric FSc Secondary School Certificate SSC-I and SSC-II, Higher Secondary School Certificate HSSC-I and HSSC-II Examinations Result syllabus model paper)



6.1 General

a. An institution affiliated to the Board shall on demand make available to the Board such laboratories & equipment as is required for constituting it a Centre of Practical Examination.

b. The Controller of Examinations (Conduct) shall, as soon as the number of the candidates appearing at a particular examination is known, prepare a list of places/ institutions to be constituted as examination centres for approval of the Chairman. After the approval is accorded the Controller of Examinations (Conduct) will notify for general information of all concerned the list of Practical Examination Centres.

c. Staff shall be appointed at practical examination centre by the Board to conduct the examination according to laid down requirements. The practical staff will comprise Practical Examiner, Lab. Asstt(s) and Lab Attendant(s) as required for the centre according to prescribed number of candidates. For this purpose, the Controller of Examinations (Conduct) shall collect the names of teachers/lecturers/Asstt. Professors/Associate Professors/Professors of all those subjects involving practicals from all the affiliated institutions at SSC and HSSC level to be appointed.

d. The Controller of Examinations (Conduct) shall prepare a list of suitable names on the basis of information collected from institutions for appointment as Practical Examiners. The list shall be scrutinized by the committee constituted to make recommendations in this regard. A panel of practical examiners so agreed will be made available to the Chairman for his formal approval.

e. The Practical Examiners appointed to conduct Board’s practical examination on behalf of the Board will act as its agents and will follow specified instructions of the Board only.

f. Immediately after appointment, the Practical Examiner shall inform the Controller of Examinations (Conduct) about his acceptance of the offer or otherwise on a prescribed proforma. He/She should not accept the offer, in case any of his/her relative(s) is appearing at that Examination Centre.

6.2 Instructions for Practical Examiners

a. The Examiner must reach the laboratory at least ONE hour before the scheduled time for starting the practical examination.

b. The glass panes of the doors and windows of the laboratory should be blinded particularly when apparatus is being set before the commencement of the examination.

c. No person other than those on duty or those authorized by the Chairman for inspection of Centre should be present in the laboratory during the setting of the apparatus for the examination. The number of persons engaged in the examination should be according to that as prescribed by the Board. It shall be the responsibility of the Examiner to keep the laboratory CLEAR of unnecessary persons.

d. No candidate who may miss the practical examination shall be examined at a subsequent date unless authorized by the Controller of Examinations (Conduct).

e. The Practical Examiner will open the question papers ONE hour before the commencement of the examination in case of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

f. The Practical Examiner will obtain the certificate from the head of institution to the effect that the laboratory is set properly for the conduct of the examination.

g. The Practical Examiner will not in any case leave the Laboratory till the examination is over.

h. The Practical Examiner shall not allow any candidate to enter the Laboratory during the examination without production of slip for practicals issued by the Board.

i. The candidates should be allowed to enter the laboratory at the SCHEDULED TIME and ask to leave all notes, note‑books etc. outside the Laboratory. The following instructions should be read to them before distribution of paper:

(1) No candidate should leave his seat without permission.

(2) No candidate should have a communication with any other candidate, or member of the staff other than the Examiner.

(3) All important observations should be SHOWN to the Examiner and got initialed, otherwise it would be considered as FICTITIOUS/MANIPULATED and no marks shall be awarded to him/her.

(4) Rubber should not be used. If an observation is to be changed, the previous observation should be struck off in such manner that it should be legible and the new one be entered and got initialed by the Examiner.

j. Marks may be deducted for lesser than the requisite number of readings taken for an experiment.

k. The passing marks in each practical shall be 33 percent of the maximum.

l. The marks of each question should be entered in the relevant column on the title page of the answer book.

m. The availability of apparatus in the laboratories as prescribed in SSC/HSSC syllabus shall be the prime duty of Institution concerned. Practical Examiner shall in no case be allowed to change any experiment other than that provided by the Board.

n. The purpose of oral test/ viva voce should be to judge the candidate’s general, practical knowledge from all sections of the prescribed syllabus.

o. The following points should be looked into while assessing the Note Book:

(1) That the candidate has performed at least 75% experiments;

(2) That the work is spread over one/two year(s), the experiments are complete in all respects and duly signed;

(3) Credit should be given for calculations by logarithms;

(4) Graphs are plotted in all possible cases,

(5) Neat work should be acknowledged.

p. The Practical Examiner should not rub off any award. If any award is to be changed, it should be struck off so that it can still be read. All changes must be initialed.

q. Absentees must be shown in the award lists. In case roll number of candidate(s) is/are not mentioned in the computerized award list it should either be added at its end or on a separate blank award form. Under no circumstances such Roll Nos. be added in place of absentees by rubbing the previous Roll Nos.

r. Answer books and award list duly signed by the practical examiner should be sent to the Controller of Examinations (Secrecy) within THREE days of the last day of the examination.

s. All railway and postal parcels should be pre‑paid. The railway delivery bill must be sent separately.



Staff Level No Assignment
Practical Examiner SSC/ HSSC 1 To conduct the Practical Examination and to award marks as allowed by the Board.
Lab. Assistant

(B. 7‑9) Employee

SSC/ HSSC 1 To assist the Practical Examiner.
Lab. Attendant SSC




To perform duties assigned by the Practical Examiner/ Laboratory Assistant.

6.3 Instructions for Practical Head Examiners

a. The Board on receipt of practical answer books duly marked by Practical Examiners shall forward the same immediately to the Head Examiners, if appointed along with following material:

(1) Practical answer books marked by practical examiners.

(2) Practical question papers and marking schemes.

(3) Controller’s copy of award list.

(4) Blank red award list forms.

Note: Award lists I and II shall be retained by the Board and shall not be forwarded to the Practical Head Examiners so that tabulation of result continues.

b. As soon as the Practical Head Examiner receives the bundle of practical answer books, he/she shall

(1) Check 25% answer books of each practical examiner.

(2) Shall ensure that the instructions provided to the examiners by the Board are fully complied with by the practical examiners.

c. In case of each parcel received by him/her, care should be taken to see that packets are properly sealed. In all cases where a Head Examiner suspects any tampering with the parcel, he should invariably report the matter immediately to the Controller of Examinations (Secrecy).

d. Practical Head Examiners are not authorized to make any change in the awards originally recorded by the Examiners except where a change has become necessary as a result of revision of award by the Head Examiner and that too will be brought in the notice of Controller of Examinations (Secrecy) in writing with reasons. The answer book should be sent back to the examiner who will correct the award in his own handwriting on the Answer Book and accordingly, shall prepare revised award list. The corrected answer book and revised award should bear the signatures of both the Practical Examiner and the Head Examiner.

e. The Practical Head Examiner shall have the powers to call any practical examiner with the approval of the Controller of Examinations (Conduct), if he finds his assessment strict or lavish. The Practical Examiner, so summoned shall also be paid TA/ DA or conveyance charges as the case may be. In case of any difference of opinion between the Practical Examiner and Practical Head Examiner the Practical Examiner should give his reasons too the disagreement and Practical Head Examiner will give his own remarks and will forward the case to Controller of Examinations (Secrecy), who shall decide the case in consultation with the neutral subject specialist with information of Chairman.

f. The ink to be used by the Head Examiner for checking of scripts should be different(Green) from the one used by the Practical Examiner(Red) for checking purposes.

g. When a Practical Head Examiner receives the scripts from the Practical Examiner after necessary changes/ revision, he will be given 24 hours for every 200 answer books for submission of the revised award lists.

h. Head Examiner shall confirm whether the practical experiment was given in accordance to the question set by the paper setter and if there is any change, he shall invariably report the matter to the Controller of Examinations (Secrecy).

i. Every page of the award list containing awards of one or more candidates must bear the signature of Practical Examiner and the Practical Head Examiner.

j. Blank award lists shall not signed at all.

k. An award once recorded in the award list should not be altered subsequently. But where an Examiner wants to correct a mistake, he should draw a line crossing the item to be cancelled in such a way that what has been cancelled is still legible and then write the corrected item in place of the cancelled one ‑and put his initials on the margin against the corrected item. Head Examiner should personally verify such corrections and put his initials against each correction.

l. The remuneration for checking the script shall be paid to him as would be admissible, to the practical examiners from time to time.

m. He shall be paid actual contingent charges on submission of original receipts/ cash memos duly verified by him. He shall be given supervision charges of each examiner as prescribed under the rules for each examination.

n. The Practical Head Examiner shall submit his report as regards performance, efficiency and integrity of each Practical Examiner.

o. The Practical Head Examiner shall pack the answer books examiner‑wise, in separate packets. The head Examiner shall make sure, by personal verification, that each answer book is complete in all respects viz:

(1) The marks of individual questions and the total number of marks obtained by the candidate have been duly entered on the title page.

(2) The answer book has been duly checked by the Assistant to Head Examiner as signified by signature of the Assistant appearing on the title page.

(3) All queries and points of difference, if any, in respect of the awards relating to the answer books have been finally settled between the Head Examiner and Practical Examiner concerned and;

(4) Shall forward a certificate showing that he has actually re-examined required number of answer books to ensure that there is no rushing through the scripts and the assessment is normal and fair and that he has satisfied himself that the answer books have been examined by the Practical Examiner concerned according to the prescribed procedure/ instructions issued by the Board.

p. A Practical Head Examiner who has five or more Practical Examiners working under his supervision may appoint one Assistant for assisting him in performing the duties

q. Practical Head Examiners who are entitled to have Assistant, should recommend to the Controller of Examinations (Conduct), persons who are eligible for such appointment. It is to be clearly understood that Head Examiner shall be held personally responsible for any irregularities committed by the Assistant. Name of trustworthy persons should only be recommended. However nomination of Assistant will be made by the Controller of Examinations (Conduct) only.

r. The Assistant to Practical Head Examiner should be at least a graduate. Persons who have already worked as Assistant to Head Examiner in one of the examinations, conducted by any other Board/ University or in education department may be given preference for appointment provided that:

(1) he is not an employee of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad or an employee of a Board/ University in Pakistan.

(2) he is not a student on the roll of an affiliated institution.

(3) he is not a Practical Examiner in the Examination.

6.4 Instructions for Assistant to Practical Head Examiner

a. The Assistant shall check each and every answer book including its supplements and will see that:

(1) total has been correctly made.

(2) the marks in the interior of the answer script have been correctly reflected on the face page.

(3) all questions have been marked in required number and manner and that no question or its portion has been left un‑marked.

(4) the signature of the Practical Examiner has been affixed in relevant column of the Answer book.

(5) marks in words and figures tally with each other.

(6) signature of Practical Examiner, Head Examiner are affixed in the relevant column of each award list.

(7) the Practical Examiner has not given more marks for any question than allowed in the column of each award list.

(8) he has brought to the notice of the Head Examiner the mistakes detected by him.

(9) he has put his signature on the title of each answer book which he checked.

(10) the examiners, while recording a marks in words in the award list have added the word “only” after all awards which end in a zero and before all award which are less than 10.

(11) he has maintained a detailed record of all the mistakes detected by him and at the end of the work entrusted to him has forwarded it through the Head Examiner to the Controller of Examinations in the prescribed proforma along with the bill. He shall also communicate details of the mistakes to the Practical Examiner through Head Examiner concerned for his information.

(12) the top of each parcel of answer books submitted by a Practical Examiner bears the Code Number of that Practical Examiner.

b. At the end of the work, the Assistant to Practical Head Examiner shall submit to the Controller of Examinations (Secrecy) details of the number of answer books checked by him duly certified by the Head Examiner, showing that in the opinion of the Head Examiner the Assistant concerned performed his duties satisfactorily.

c. Full remuneration shall not be paid to the Assistant whose work is found deficient/unsatisfactory. In all cases of unsatisfactory work the deduction from the remuneration entitled to him will be made, as determined by the Controller of Examinations (Conduct). In case of extremely unsatisfactory work, the Board may forfeit his entire remuneration in addition to disqualifying him for future appointments.

Note: Information provided here are for general knowledge purpose only. There is no guarantee of accuracy. For up-to-date and accurate information please visit relevant official web sites.

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