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PakMed Program Development Team

PakMed software development comprises Murad Khan (as 'Program Developer') and Ken Fine (as 'Program Consultant'). However PakMed acknowledges the contribution of a number of notable persons who have inspired the 2-member PakMed Program Development Team through their professional counselling/guidance, and/or have helped this team in improving the PakMed software programs by their valuable suggestions/comments that have led to major improvement/correction in a PakMed program.

Murad Khan

Program Developer

Residence: No. 3, Block A-3, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Office: Department of Biochemistry, Government Fatima Jinnah Medical College for Women, Queens Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Email:  Phone: +923454766511

Yahoo ID: pakmedsms (to send SMS via Yahoo Messenger to his mobile phone)

Dr. Murad Khan (Program Developer)

Murad Khan, the developer of several biomedical software applications/programs presented from the platform of PakMed, is a medical graduate and teaches biochemistry in government medical colleges in Pakistan.  He has worked as biomedical software consultant/ programmer for many projects of biomedical significance. He is the founder of PakMed Biomedical Solutions and owns this organization.

He has developed applications in/for Microsoft Office Access® and other platforms, for various teaching institutes, to maintain and manage the academic record of students, and to handle and analyze the scientific data of the research projects conducted there. Some of his computer applications/programs have won some prestigious testimonials/recognitions/certificates from international organizations/universities/persons. He provides consultancy to postgraduate fellows in biomedical field, with regards to their assigned projects, for postgraduate degrees.

He intends to work devotedly and determinedly for a research and software development project in nutrition, pharmacology, immunology, molecular biology, etc., in collaboration/association with any person of a prestigious university/institute, from any part of world. If someone has some offer/suggestion in this regard, please write him at PowerPoint slides and other types of files based mainly upon the lectures delivered by him can be downloaded from this Web site.

Ken Fine

Program Consultant

Boston, MA, USA

Ken Fine is the principal 'Program Consultant' of several biomedical software applications/programs presented from the platform of PakMed Biomedical Solutions. PakMed cordially acknowledges the proficient, inspirational and generous guidance/consultancy and support of this exceptionally erudite and innovative programmer and a very compassionate, thoughtful and knowledgeable person whose excellent personal, intellectual, and professional harmony, understanding and coordination with PakMed's 'Program Developer' have resulted in creation of a number of state of the art Access® applications/tools in various biomedical disciplines.

His self-written CV is as follows


M.B.A.  Tulane University, 1984                Finance

B.A.  Syracuse University,  1978               Marketing


EMD Pharmaceuticals, Billerica, MA  (April 2002)

Database Developer/Consultant

Powerful Access® 2000 databases, built to withstand the most intemperate FDA audits

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Water-Quality

  • Document Control

  • Protocols

  • Training

  • Change Control

BASF Biosearch Corp., Worcester, MA  (1997 – 2000)


Created multiple Access® 8.0 applications for departments throughout the North American headquarters.  Specific multiuser projects include

  • Bacterial Identification

  • Component and Product Labels

  • Water-deionization

  • Document Control

  • Accounts Payable

  • Assorted Loading Dock Databases

While originally recreating legacy Macintosh® systems, my scope has widened to designing and developing endotoxin, bioburden, water-quality and environmental monitoring databases that could stand as benchmarks for the industry.

CITY HALL, Boston, MA  (July 1997 – Present)


Working for a variety of departments throughout City Hall, creating Access 8.0 systems for the following

  • Alcohol Licensing Board

  • Animal Control

  • Veteran’s Services

  • Dept. of Neighborhood Development

  • Retirement Board

  • Code Enforcement

  • Mayor’s 24-Hour HOT-Line

  • Snow Emergency System

City Hall exists solely to serve the needs of the city’s residents.  Hundreds of calls can flood in every week.  I wrote a multi-user Access® application that a half-dozen operators use to enter details of every constituent call.  This program also automatically e-mails to department heads, and creates crosstab reports that give a new edge to productivity.

Another project tracks over twenty thousand dogs and their owners, printing licenses and calculating revenues generated from license renewals.  Finally, the DND application uses OLE to combine Access® with Project® 98 such that project managers can view Gantt charts, based on the data stored in Access®.  Access®-style reports are created, while project management graphics provide DND with the large plotter-generated charts that look good in presentations.

HEALTHSHIELD Wakefield, MA  (Nov 1999 – Present)


Creating a LIMS system for this producer of antimicrobial additives to household products.  Besides calculating FDA compliance-levels, this Access® 2000 application also lets the scientists purchase supplies over the Internet.

HARVARD PILGRIM HEALTH CARE, Brookline, MA  (Jan – Jun 1997)


Developed the HEDIS recertification database for this major Massachusetts H.M.O.

Also recreated the existing budget database, controlling over a million dollars of annual expenditures.

SCUDDER, STEVENS & CLARK, INC., Boston, MA  (Sep 1996 - Mar 1997)


Access® database development for a variety of departments throughout the company.  These applications are sophisticated yet flexible, giving users the opportunity to perform ad-hoc queries that pass SQL to reports at run-time.  Specific projects include custody RFP (for review of fiduciary banking relationships), year-end budgeting, fund publishing analysis, customer feedback and document handling.



Developed an Excel® application that enables branch managers throughout the country to create ‘Top 25’ lists for their accounts and their regional competitors.  Using VBA, seven separate branch reports are combined into a workbook that is transferred to a floppy, which is subsequently combined through two higher corporate levels.  At each level, the regional business activity and financial data (including a P&L) is evaluated.  The entire application runs on VBA and is being used in over 300 offices in the US and Canada.

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, Marlboro, MA  (Sep 1995 - May 1996)


Design/creation of “Manager’s Workbench” in Access® and ESSBASE®.  Managers in Europe, Asia and the US can use this application to enter Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow data for all zones and businesses, specified by year and quarter.  Custom password security prevents managers in one geographic area from gaining access to data for another country.  Actual, budget and forecast reports are generated by SQL passed at run-time.  This Access® application is integrated with ESSBASE® (an Excel® add-in) via DDE links (which shows how long ago this was)



Design, development, documentation and training of custom Windows® applications for departments throughout MFS, including

  • Fund Treasury

  • Sales Promotion                

  • Money Market

  • Corporate Treasury

  • Travel and Conference Services     

  • Statistics

  • Document and Design Services

  • Corporate Communications Delivery System

  • Cash Sheets

  • Fixed Income (trading floor system)

  • Defaulted Bonds

All applications developed in either Access® 2.0 or Excel® 4.0.



Designed and created turnkey database system for real-estate investment division.  The menu-driven application gauges investment performance, while calculating all tax credits and deductions over a 15-year period.  (Access® 1.1)

Built reports for Mortgage Finance division, using R&R Relational Report Writer in a FoxPRO® 2.5 environment.

VARNET, INC., Boston, MA (1992 – 1993)

Project Leader     

Worked as liaison to our corporate customers.  Varnet sold a proprietary  PROGRESS -based accounting system.  In addition to creating small accounting modules for specific customers, my role involved training and support to various Varnet customers across the U.S.  In addition, responsible for developing EDI interface to company’s manufacturing and distribution modules, and conversion from 3GL platforms into Progress® 6.2 under UNIX®.

BOOZ, ALLEN & HAMILTON, INC., Cambridge, MA (1992)


Part of a 3-person team that created an inventory management system for Coast Guard cutters.  (Progress® 6.2, running under BTOS®)

Working independently, created a post-award contract tracking system that evaluates the Coast Guard’s competitive bidding process as it involves negotiations with contractors of various skills.

PROGRESS CONSULTING SERVICES, Santa Monica, CA (1991 – 1992)


Defined standards and developed procedures to be used in creating a corporate database to monitor all employee benefits for a major hospital corporation.

EG&G DYNATREND, Woburn, MA (1990 – 1991)

Systems Analyst 

Developed data-tracking software now used by FAA inspectors for evaluating conditions at flight training schools. (Clipper® 5.0 and Paradox®)

PUTNAM INVESTOR SERVICES, Boston, MA (1988 – 1989)


Created a file to electronically transmit lost and recovered certificate information to a division of the SEC (FoxPRO®).  In addition, created menu-driven applications for Fund Treasury Department (Lotus 1-2-3®).

SOFTWARE WIZARDRY, INC., New Orleans, LA/Boston, MA  (1985 to date)


Founded company to provide consistent support and software development to businesses in southern Louisiana and Boston.  Current Access® 8.0/2000 projects include

  • Duxbury Bay Maritime School: Registration/Donation System

  •  Boston Medical Center: Anesthesiology/Cardiology Rehabilitation  Databases

  • EquiServe: Advanced Postage and Trial Invoice Applications

  • University of Massachusetts: Contract- and Consultant-tracking System

Notable Contributors

PakMed acknowledges the following respectable persons for their inspirational support and contribution in improving PakMed software applications. Your name may be included in this list of "Notable Contributors", if you help the PakMed Program Development Team in improving the existing programs and/or in conceiving and developing new programs.

  • Professor Abdul Baseer, Department of Biochemistry, Wah Medical College, Wah, Pakistan

  • Professor Nasreen Sharif, Department of Biochemistry, Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Brigadier Abdul Khaliq Naveed, Professor of Biochemistry, Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • Professor Khalid Fahim Yasin, Department of Anatomy, Quaid-i-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

  • Dr. Mudassir Ahamd Khan, Department of Biochemistry, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan

  • Dr. Ahmed Bader, Department of Physiology, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad, Pakistan

  • Dr. Imran Ahmad Qureshi, USA

  • Dr. Santos Luis Villar Saavedra, Houston, TX, USA

  • Dr. STAK Sindhu, Canada

  • Dr. Rasheed Ahmad, Canada 

  • Peter F. Lovibond, Head, School of Psychology, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

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