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Government Medical & Dental Colleges of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (NWFP)

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Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

In order to provide dental health facilities to the people of this region, it was considered necessary to set up a teaching dental department at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar. The idea to start a dental department came from late Dr. Hassan Raza Shah, the then Principal of de, Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. It was gladly accepted; appreciated and very much encouraged by General Mohammad Akram, the then Principal of Khyber Medical College and Mr. Mohammad Ali, the then Vice Chancellor of the University of Peshawar. The Department of Dentistry was formally declared open by the then Minister for Health Begum Mahmuda Salim on 12th October 1964.

The first batch graduated in 1968 while Pakistan Medical and Dental Council accorded permanent recognition to BDS degree in its session held in Dacca (Bangladesh), the Capital of the then East Pakistan in November, 1968. From the modest start, it has grown to become a fully developed teaching institute with its modern Oral and Dental Hospital and Surgeries, Operation theatres and Wards in its new building complex, which was opened on 9th September 1978. The annual intake of students has gone up gradually from 14 in 1964 to 50. So far more than 600 dental graduates have qualified from this institute. Nearly 300 patients receive daily dental treatment of various natures. This includes highly specialized treatment modalities

KHYBER COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY, PESHAWAR like orthodontic appliances, treatment for oro-facial pain, facial injuries, oral cancer and fixed and removable prostheses of various kinds. Three new blocks housing the Departments of Orthodontia, Prosthetic and Conservation were added to the present set-up in 1992. After the completion of Basic Science Block, it can be said without any hesitation that Khyber college of Dentistry Peshawar is the largest teaching dental Institute in Pakistan. On 11th January 1990, the Department of Dentistry was upgraded to the status of the College by the then Chief Minister, Mr. Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao who made this announcement while presiding over the inaugural function of the Silver Jubilee of the Department of Dentistry.

Khyber College of Dentistry is located within the University Campus and adjacent to Khyber Medical College, Khyber Teaching Hospital and the Administration Block of the Peshawar University. The shopping centre, telegraph and post office are situated very close. Within the large green campus vans of the University ply regularly whereas the government buses and private carriers are available from early morning till late in the night for travel between the college and Peshawar City.

The college is amazingly close to World famous Khyber Pass and the most beautiful scenery in the hilly areas and valleys.


Disease Free Dentition For The People Of Pakistan


  • To Create Dental Health Awarness Among The Masses Of Pakistan


  • To Produce Highly Skilled And Motivated Dental Professionals To Prevent And Combat The Dental Disease Burden In Pakistan



  1. The admission policy is applicable to all the public sector Medical & Dental Colleges in NWFP

  2. The Medical/Dental colleges of NWFP offer 5-years/4-years courses leading to MBBS and BDS degrees respectively and are affiliated with Khyber Medical University

  3. Admission to the Medical & Dental Colleges for all provincial seats will be finalized by the Joint Admission Committee (JAC)

  4. All the candidates and students are required to read, know and abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in the prospectus

  5. The fee and subscription given in this prospectus are payable by all the students of Medical & Dental Colleges from first year to final year classes. This may be subject to adjustment by the Government from time to time corresponding to inflation and cost of education etc

  6. The principal of college reserves the right to make necessary changes in the syllabi, curricula and examination procedure for MBBS/BDS students as and when notified by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council at any time during the course of studies

  7. The cost of all litigations regarding admission will be borne by the JAC to be paid by the colleges from the first year litigation fee, while the cost of legal cases of admitted students will be borne by the respective college

  8. The public sector Medical/Dental colleges will endeavor to establish provision for scholarships and other support schemes for students of NWFP and FATA to support meritorious, needy and disabled students in meeting the cost of their education

  9. The Joint Admission Committee (JAC) shall exercise its powers to decide all cases related to admission and the decision of the JAC shall be binding on the candidates. Appeal against the decision of the JAC can be filed before the Chairman JAC within 3 days after the final selection. Aggrieved Candidates however, will have the right of appeal to the Government within 7 days, whose decision will be final.


The College is administered by a Principal who is appointed by Health Department, NWFP. He is helped by other senior faculty members of the college and the academic council.

The Principal Will

  1. Carry out all academic, administrative and financial responsibilities assigned to him by the health department.

  2. Represent the College at Institutional Management Council and other necessary forums.

  3. Discharges all academic duties entrusted to him and deals with all the matters of academic interest in the Institution at all time.

  4. Draw and promulgate the detailed teaching program for students in accordance with the decisions of the Academic Council and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.

  5. Approve the agenda of the meetings of the college academic Council.

  6. The Principal will sign and issue academic certificates in respect of the students.

  7. Preside over the various academic functions of the college.

  8. Be responsible for the compilation of all medical education and research data in the institution.

  9. Carries out all other duties that may be assigned to him from time to time by the Government/ Institutional management committee.

The College Academic Council

The Principal of the College is the Chairman of the Council and all Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors are the members of the Council. The Council Meet on every first week of the month to discuss problems related to Academics, Research & Development, Patient Care and Administration.

  1. The principle of the College will be the Chairman of the Council

  2. The College Academic Council will determine the requirements of the medical education, evaluation and research in the light of the rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council

  3. Will set standards and targets for medical education and research for each department. (the council will try to do the necessary capacity building in each department to achieve the desired targets)

  4. Will lay down policy and procedures for academic and clinical governance and support to students including students’ career counseling

  5. Will facilitate the development of the college learning resources including a well equipped library and strong IT support

  6. Will be responsible for maintaining discipline in the college premises

  7. Will prepare and submit an annual performance report about the college at the end of each academic year.


  1. Important Notes

  2. Seats distribution 

  3. Eligibility for seats

  4. Qualifications and other criteria for admission .

  5. Applications and documents required

  6. Selection and Admission .

  7. Fee structure .


Students are encouraged to take active part in the educational as well as the extra curricular activities to ensure “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”. The following societies are allowed in the College:

  1. Literary Society

  2. Sports Society

  3. Social Welfare Society


The literary Society is the official society for the students of Khyber College of Dentistry. This Society is responsible for producing the well legendry Students magazine "QANDEL". The Society organizes healthy co-curricular and extra curricular activities in the college. The office bearers of the society are selected among the students by a selection committee, for a year term, to run the activities smoothly. The committee comprises of the Chairman and the Staff Editors, who are appointed by the Patron of the Society, i.e. Principal KCD. Annually a Literary week is organized which is comprised of English, Urdu, Pashto, Medical and Drama Day.


Male and Female sports secretaries are selected from among the students each year. This society is responsible for conducting annual sports day each year. It organizes sports week for inter-class tournament as well inter-university tournaments.

This club provides outlet to the heavily over burdened medical students to relax for a while and enjoy the facilities of sports. In the past years our students despite of heavy schedule, are showing promising results while competing in sports on inter-university level. We also provide indoor sports facilities to our students round the year.

Sports week is celebrated every year under Sports Society. Both male and female teams participate in this sports week. Different games are played among the teams including Cricket, Hockey and Football etc.


Main objectives of this society are:

  1. To arrange blood for poor and needy

  2. To provide free medicines to Poor patients

  3. To arrange free medical camps

  4. To give financial assistance to deserving students

  5. To arrange seminars for character building of medical students

  1. Important Notes

  2. Seats distribution 

  3. Eligibility for seats

  4. Qualifications and other criteria for admission .

  5. Applications and documents required

  6. Selection and Admission .

  7. Fee structure .


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