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Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  1. How do I get admission from overseas?

  2. When is the college session, entry tests, admission, etc?

  3. What about special seats for students?

  4. Are there adequate hostel facilities for boys and girls?

  5. Where can I find any further information that I need?


How do I get admission from overseas ?

Applicants have to get their foreign qualifications certified from the Ministry and get an Equivalence Certificate (Grading) from Inter Boards Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Sector H-8, Islamabad, so that their foreign qualifications can be rated according to the corresponding Pakistani qualifications, relevant to admission in the MBBS program. These seats are of two categories:

A) Foreign Technical Assistance Programme seats, where the students can get admitted with the normal college fees, and

B) Foreign Self-Financing Students seats that can cost US$ ~7,000 to ~7,500 per annum.


Ayub Medical College has a limited number of seats for overseas applicants, either of Pakistani nationality or of Foreign nationality. In all cases, rather than approach the college directly, the applicants must proceed through:

  • Higher Education Commission, H-9, Islamabad in case of Foreign Self-Financing Seats

  • Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Research Officer,

Economics Affairs Division,

Pak Secretariat, Block C,

Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Where can I find any further information that I need?

Any further information not available on the website can be obtained either by emailing or faxing the college through the email and fax addresses provided on the website, or by letter addressed to:

The Principal,
Ayub Medical College,

Phone: +92 (992) 382221

FAX:    +92 (992) 382321

Information Desk, Students' Affairs Section: +92 992 381129

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What about special seats for students ?

A list of special seats is provided in the Admissions page. However, the special seat category keeps changing, often from year to year, and there is a general tendency to do away with all special seats, leaving admission strictly on merit basis. It is advisable to enquire about the current special seat status at the time of application for admission, to get the latest information on this topic.

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Are there adequate hostel facilities for boys and girls?

There are four hostels for boys and one large hostel for girls. The total accommodation is for over 1,200 students, so there is usually no shortage of hostelling facilities or rooms. It is desired, however, that students apply early for rooms, as the applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, and some preference may be given regarding the type of room requested, to early applicants. Late applicants have to settle for whatever rooms are then available. 

The Girls hostel has complete privacy and all normal rules of conduct applicable to girls in an Islamic country are applicable.

There are excellent messing, laundry, postal and public call office (PCO) facilities available for the hostellers. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities and TV lounges are provided to the students in their hostels.

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When is the college session, entrance test, admissions, etc?

The college session normally starts in November every year and continues to October next year. The academic courses are usually completed by end of October. November is a period of revision classes and/or preparatory leave for examinations. Examinations are held in December. There is one month of winter vacation in January/February, with a shorter vacation period of 15-20 days in summer in July. As per policy to shorten the vacation period to avoid undue delay in course completion and prolongation of the session, the vacation schedule may change without any notice posted here.

By late July, the College Prospectus is printed, and applications for admission are invited till 2nd week of August. The Entrance Test is held usually in August and the result is declared overnight. The AMC merit list is posted after a week of the Entrance Test result. Candidates have to undergo an interview soon afterwards, usually around mid-September, and the successful candidates are then admitted to the college. Admissions continue from September through October. 

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