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Sukkur occupies an important position not only in the history of Sindh but also in the ancient history of South Asia. After the conquest of Sindh by Mohammad Bin Qasim the Arabs ruled over Sindh for about three hundred years. During this period, Arore (Sukkur) was the head quarter of Sindh province. It is on account of this historic picture that Sindh was and is still being called Babul Islam and Sukkur is known as gateway of Islam.  Sukkur has a place of pride in history of civilizations.
Medical Education is not new at Sukkur. Previously in fifties the medical school for LSMF course was functional in the same compound.
This Medical College was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Sindh on 2nd September 2003, and Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Khan Mahar Medical College Sukkur started functioning from 15th October 2003, for the session 2003-2004 in the Health Technician School Building.  Later on name of college was changed to Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College Sukkur on 27th December 2005.
Establishment of Medical College proves to be a blessing for the people of the area since it provides better Medical education and highly specialized medical services, both diagnostic and curative to public.

The 53.8 Acers of land situated at main by-pass road Sukkur for new Medical College and Hospital building is taken over, the foundation stone laying ceremony was performed by the Chief Minister Sindh on 30th May 2005. The private consultancy firm has designed the Master Plan, Detailed Drawings and shall supervise the execution works of new complex.

The students are being taught by the qualified faculty members. All seven Basic Departments are established in available building with well equipped laboratories, Seminar rooms and museums.
 Eastern Academic Block NO.1 comprises of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry Departments with one lecturer theatre. Academic Block No. 2 comprises of Departments of Pathology and community Medicine.
Administrative block comprises of Administrative offices and Academic Council Hall, Departments of Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine, with two Lecture theatres   and Girls common room.
Keeping in view the climate of the northern part of Sindh, the academic buildings like the Lecture theatres, Dissection hall, Demonstration Rooms, seminar rooms, Laboratories, Libraries  and  offices of faculty members are air-conditioned.  Modern way of teaching has been adapted at this Medical College with latest Audio Visual teaching aids.

The Library for students and Teaching faculty is located within main campus with lending and reference facilities. The quality standard books in huge quantity according to the syllabus of PM&DC and LUMHS Jamshoro are provided to the students and the Teachers.

A beautiful new air-conditioned I.T Lab has been established for students and faculty members.

A well furnished cafeteria with required facilities is available adjacent to main gate of the college.

Four Hino buses and one Mercedes Van are available for the Pick and Drop facility of Teaching faculty members and students. Facility of extra curricular activities like sports gymnasium is provided to students. Debates, annual functions and visit of medical Universities/Colleges, Historical places are carried out regularly.

Golden History of Sukkur has place of pride in history of civilization. The archeological site of lakhyon-Jo-dero in its outskirts shows that the city and its suburbs were populated in the time of Mohan-Jo-Dero Metropolitan, Three hundred and seventy five years before the birth of Jesus Christ, Alexander the great passed by the ramparts of the city.

During Arabs era the Arore, was the capital of ancient of ancient Sind lying at the distance of only five kilo meters. It was in 1712 then Sukkur along with the rest of Sindh remained the part of Islamic empire, the trade caravans rested here while traveling to the khurassan through Bolan Pass lying at the distance of about two hundred kilo meters from here.

Then city saw the cosmopolitan rule of Soomra Dynasty fallowed by the orthodox soomra and the arhgun rulers. In the later days of Khurassani rules it remained the center of Kalhora Mystico-Political movement whose founder father lies in eternal rest on a hill named after himself that is Adam Shah Ji Takree. It is also resting place of the courtier and diplomat of Akber the great, known in history as Masoom Shah, the uider of the solde Minaret in Sindh. In talpur days, it was the garrison city during British Rule; it again became a garrison city in 1890 in the face of advancing czarist Russia.

At the birth of our country , this city took the place of Shikarpur with all its celebrated status in commerce and trade. Sukkur city has retained that position till to day thanks to its geographical positions, linking lower Punjab and southern Balochistan.

To day it is the medium sized city with a population of about million, sending its children to about twenty five high schools and at least on dozen colleges. With such a proud history and a large number of growing youth, city rightly deserved a Medical college to take care of the Tertiary Health Care Medical facilities/welfare of the people of the area.

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