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Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) and Affliated Colleges, Karachi

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The constituent institutions under Dow University of Health Sciences are , the Dow Medical College, Sindh Medical College and Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases. Sindh Medical School, Hyderabad established by the British in 1881 for training of licentiate physicians , was renamed Dow Medical College in 1945 and located at Karachi. Dow Medical College is attached to Civil Hospital Karachi and Lyari General Hospitals, is thus the oldest Medical college in Sindh and the second oldest in Pakistan.

Sir DowSindh Medical College was established in 1973 by Sindh Government and is clinically attached to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and national Institute of Child Health.

Ojha Institute of Chest diseases, Karachi, was established as a sanatorium in 1942. It is currently acknowledged as a WHO "center of excellence" for Tuberculosis. Located on a vast tract of land, this institution offers medical care to the community and trains post-graduate physicians for diplomas in Chest diseases.

The two affiliated medical colleges of the University have 230 faculty members and 4050 undergraduate medical students. In addition about 250 post graduate students are currently undergoing training.

The ordinance was promulgated in December 2003, by the Governor of Sindh, put before the Provincial Assembly in March 2004 and was passed by the Assembly on April 27th 2004. Governor of Sindh & Chancellor, Dow University of Health Sciences, Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad, gave his formal assent on 14th July 2004. The status for Dow University of Health Sciences entails many new concepts and changes for which the following plans arte a foot

  1. The undergraduate curricula will be tailored to include : integrated teaching and problem based learning for better understanding of the subject.

  1. The academics will be strengthened by innovative measures such as:

  1. Digital Library connected with HEC sponsored Digital Library Network.

  2. Computer Lab with Internet facility.

  3. CME Programs by local and visiting experts

  4. Regular Courses for Computer skills.

  5. Evening Teaching Programs are under consideration for productive utilization of time and space.

  6. Communication Skills & presentation Techniques workshops, for the under-grads, post-grads and faculty members.

  7. Extra curricular activities.

  1. Ph.D. Program for Basic and Clinical disciplines, initially for the capacity building of the faculty members to encourage concepts in Higher Education, Research, Publications and learning on continuing basis for competitive promotions.

  2. M.Phil programs will be started in various Basic Science disciplines.

  3. DUHS will soon be signing a series of MOUs with leading Institutions for collaboration in Research, Academics and Joint Degree Programs.

  4. In addition to new academic programs DUHS will be establishing very soon a Dental College and hospital, College of Nursing, Paramedical Training Institute, Institute of Bio-Medical Engineering, Basic Medical Sciences Institute, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. For the first time in Pakistan a Central Research & Reference Lab, Institute of Bio-Medical Engineering and joint degree program in Health Management Sciences will be established as well.

  5. In medical field we are the end users of research and its products, not providers and innovators like the West. DUHS will soon be having a Department of Research which will be the all encompassing central pivotal body to promote and popularize Research activities by establishing critical linkages between academic departments both internally and externally and to facilitate interaction with industry as well. The research activities will be guided by a competent Institutional Review Bpard (IRB) so as to maintain ethics and proper respect to human life and dignity.

  6. An important component of Health Sciences is General Health. DUHS plans to play a major and effective role in the general health of our communities and population in general by virtue of:

  1. CME programs for Family Physicians through  Videoconferencing covering various regions of Sindh

  2. School Children Health Education Program with emphasis on preventive aspects and approaches

  3. Awareness Programs for General Public on social, clinical and economic aspects of disease.

  1. DUHS will soon start conducting examinations with a very fool proof and sound system, having multiple checks and locks to maintain pristine accountability and invigilation.

  2. A program for availing the services of distinguished retired Professors.

  3. Ambitious Plans for the establishment of an Endowment Fund. Philanthropists, Alumni of constituent Medical Colleges and Institutions, Industry and Government are expected to contribute generously towards this vital exercise to sustain the vision and a pleasant journey ahead

  4.  Plans are underway to construct a modern University Campus at the OJHA institute site, and a undergraduate medical college with its own hospital, which will mirror the facilities available at its sister institutions.

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