Roll Number wise distribution of candidates at All Centers for Entrance Test 2010: Entrance Test 2010 (Entry Test; MCAT) Organized by University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore Pakistan for Admission to First Year MBSS / BDS Class Session 2010-2011, in Medical and Dental Colleges of Punjab

Published on July 17, 2010 at 10:00 pm

Roll Number wise distribution of candidates at All Centers for Entrance Test 2010: Entrance Test 2010 (Entry Test; MCAT) Organized by University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore Pakistan for Admission to First Year MBSS / BDS Class Session 2010-2011, in Medical and Dental Colleges of Punjab

Centres for ENTRANCE TEST – 2010
The University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore will conduct Entrance Test for admission to Medical and Dental Institutions of the Punjab on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, simultaneously at 23 centres in 12 cities of the Punjab. The University has already issued Roll Numbers to eligible candidates. Roll Number wise distribution of candidates at each centre is being advertised for the convenience of candidates. The candidates are advised to reach their respective centre before 8.00 A.M. on the day of Entrance Test. Examination Centre would be sealed at 8.15 A.M. and nobody would be allowed to enter after that. All candidates are advised to identify exact location of their centre a day earlier.

Name of City Centre Roll No. (Female) Roll No. (Male)
BAHAWALPUR Islamia University (Baghadad ul Jadeed Campus) Bahawalpur 0115001 To 0115400 & 0115403
0115411 To 0115418
0115421 To 0115430
0115752 To 0115793
0117601 To 0117830
0117997 To 0118051
S.E College, Bahawalpur 0115401 and 0115402
0115404 To 0115410
0115419 and 0115420
0115431 To 0115616
0117831 To 0117933
S.D High School, Bahawalpur 0115617 To 0115751 0117934 To 0117996
SAHIWAL Govt. Degree College, Sahiwal 0740501 To 0740765
0740767 To 0740805
0740807 To 0741214
0741471 To 0741838
RAHIM YAR KHAN Shiekh Zayed Public School, Rahim Yar Khan 0531001 To 0531533 and 0531540 0531971 To 0532225
FAISALABAD University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 0426501 To 0426921
0426923 To 0427920
0429421 To 0430000,
0426922 and 0430231
Govt. College for Women Madina Town, Faisalabad 0427921 To 0428533 0430232 To 0430300
0430001 To 0430230
GUJRAT University of Gujrat, Gujrat 0219001 To 0219586 0219971 To 0220228
RAWALPINDI Siddique Public School Satellite Town, 6th road, Rawalpindi. 0632787 To 0632800
0632816 To 0632910
0632970 To 0634038
0634040 To 0634687
0634689 To 0634976
0634978 To 0635346
0635357 To 0635393
0635497 To 0635528
0635530 To 0635539
0637000 and 0637001
0637725 To 0637736
0637749 To 0637764
0637766 To 0638012
0638025 To 0638372
0639058 To 0639122 and 0634039
Govt. Degree College for Boys Satellite Town, 6th Road, Rawalpindi. 0638373 TO 0638756
0635529 and 0640000
0637701 To 0637724
0637738 To 0637748 and 0637765
0639045 To 0639057
0639219 To 0639290
1047531 and 0637737
Govt. Postgraduate College for Women Satellite Town, 6th Road, Rawalpindi. 0635347 To 0635356
0635394 To 0635409
0635412 To 0635482
0635540 To 0635723
0635747 To 0635770
0632501 To 0632690
Ideal Cambridge School, 6th Road, Rawalpindi. 0632691 To 0632700
0632721 To 0632786
0632801 To 0632815
0632911 To 0632969
0635483 To 0635496
0635724 To 0635746
0635771 To 0635796
0635847 To 0635872
0635887 To 0635946
D. G. Khan Govt. Degree College for Boys, D.G. Khan 0945001 To 0945464 0945971 To 0946284
SARGODHA University of Sargodha, Sargodha 1148001 To 1148550
1148671 To 1148680
1148971 To 1149210
Punjab College for Information Technology, Sargodha 1148551 To 1148670
1148681 To 1148704
1149211 To 1149271
LAHORE BISE (Examination Halls) Lawrence Road, Lahore 0000001 To 0000816
0000818 To 0003603
0003706 To 0004000
0009738 To 0009749 and 0350873
0009810 To 0009821
University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore 0003604 To 0003705
0004001 To 0005921
0005987 To 0006098
0006169 To 0006224
0006295 To 0006411
0006463 To 0006574
0006757 To 0006830
0009501 To 0009737
0009750 To 0009809
0009822 To 0011690
0011931 To 0012289
0012291 To 0012440
0012451 To 0012544
University of Health Sciences Lahore (For all non-F.Sc./A-Level candidates in entire Punjab) All Non FSc / A-Level Male & Female Candidates
0049501 To 0050024
0150501 To 0150514
0350851 To 0350887
0451151 To 0451208
0651501 To 0651788
1052251 To 1052300 and 0844615 0000817, 0322038, 0551451, 0634977
HASSAN ABDAL Cadet College Hassan Abdal 1046501 To 1046783
0635410 To 0635411 and 0634688
1047471 To 1047530
1047532 To 1047534
1047671 To 1047680
GUJRANWALA Govt. Higher Secondary School, Gujranwala 0843951 To 0844394
0844561 To 0844697 Except 0844615
Govt. Comprehensive High School, Gujranwala 0842095 To 0842307
0842309 To 0842521
0842523 To 0842568
0842570 To 0842605
0842607 To 0842871
0842873 To 0842927
0842929 To 0843032
0843034 To 0843218
0844395 To 0844460 and 0844462
Govt. Boys College Satellite Town, Gujranwala 0842001 To 0842094
0842308, 0842569, 0842606, 0842872 and 0842928
0843219 To 0843410
0843412 To 0843414 0843033 and 0844461
0844463 To 0844470
MULTAN Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan 0320501 To 0320866
0320868 To 0321049
0321051 To 0321822
0321824 To 0321865
0321867 To 0321921
0321923 To 0322037
0322039 To 0322952 and 0325253
0324401 To 0324507
0324509 To 0325252
0325254 To 0325683
0325711 To 0326205, 0321922, 0321866, 0321823, 0321050 and 0320867
For any queries, Director (Admin & Coord), UHS may be contacted.
Ph: 042-99231536, Cell: 0301-8454472 and 0302-8454472.
For Medical / Dental Institutions of the Punjab

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