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Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan

Jinnah Hospital, Lahore

Jinnah Hospital Lahore. Source: UHSWhen the name of Jinnah is mentioned strengths like dedication, commitment, hard work and self less service come to mind. Named after the Father of our Nation, Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, this hospital has a strong history of serving hundreds of thousands of poor and deserving patients from all over Pakistan.

This important health Institution that has been providing services to the very poor localities of our country for the last one decade, was made autonomous in the year 2002. The result has been a perfect amalgamation of private-public partnership alleviating the suffering of the poor. Jinnah Hospital’s motto, “dignity in service”, is a reflection of the vision held by our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Spread over 105 acres and with 1100 beds, Jinnah is the second largest teaching Hospital in the Punjab. In the words of Prof. Sibit-ul-Hasnain, Principal Allama Iqbal Medical College & Jinnah Hospital, this is the first autonomous Hospital that has been properly built according to a premeditated design with three main areas. First, there is a residential area for doctors, students and for the first time a rest area by the name of “Sarai” where the relatives of the patients can find temporary lodgings. Then on one end is the Hospital and third area is the Allama Iqbal Medical College.

Being strategically placed near the motorway, Jinnah is the official Hospital where all major or minor accident cases from the Motorway are brought. A majority of patients at Jinnah come from the surrounding poor suburbs like Bhai Pheru, Pattoki, Raiwind and all the near villages. Jinnah also caters to the southern localities of Lahore as well as southern Punjab. Jinnah is a teaching Hospital as well.

Jinnah Hospital has provided all the services and facilities under one roof. I has a team of 65 consultants and surgeons which are among the top ranking professionals in the country. It has all the departments like, Gynae & Obs, Cardiac Surgery, E.N.T, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Pathology, General Surgery and Medicine. What makes Jinnah stand out among other public hospitals is additional departments like Oncology (cancer treatment), Radiology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Urology, Neurosurgery.

Jinnah Hospital’s services in terms of equipment also make it shine. Complete Pathology tests and scans including CT, X-ray, ultrasound and Mammography are performed here. There are certain services; machines and equipment which, although easily available in the private sector are too expensive to purchase or maintain in the public sector. Jinnah Hospital has an edge over the public hospitals in having certain machinery like a Radiotherapy machine (Cobalt 60) which is functional in Jinnah Hospital. Also Jinnah Hospital is the only public hospital equipped with a Mammography machine.

What is given above is just the tip of the iceberg. Jinnah’s scale of services and facilities are difficult to fathom. With a management that has the sense to make the best of its autonomy, a highly dedicated and qualified staff, latest facilities and the will to serve the poor, Jinnah is there to serve and to continue serving for decades to come.

An average of 550000 patients visit the Out patient & Emergency Department every year where 70% of the treatment is given completely free. Every year more than 150000 tests are carried out in the Pathology lab. During the last year, the Accident & Emergency Department treated 134477 patients, which were not charged even a rupee for admission, tests or in case an operation is carried out.

This institution has undertaken a number of initiatives amongst those initiation of First BSc Nursing classes of College of Nursing, establishment of Jinnah Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Center, approval for the establishment of First Liver diseases Transplant and Punjab Institute of Organ Transplant (PIOT).

Source: UHS, Lahore

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