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AIMC auditorium. Source: UHS

This institution was established on May 2, 1975 as Lahore Medical College. To start with it was located in a portion of building of the College of Community Medicine at Birdwood Road, Lahore. This college is now housed in its new campus adjacent to the Punjab University New Campus. The teaching hospital affiliated with this College is Jinnah Hospital, which was inaugurated on February 2, 1996.. The first Principal of this college was Prof. A.H. Awan. The present Principal is Prof. Syed Sibtul Hasnain.

Today Allama Iqbal Medical Complex has a beautiful campus spread over an area of 103 acres. This College was affiliated to the University of the Punjab, Lahore and now with the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore is a prestigious institution named after the national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It was established in May 2, 1975 at Birdwood Road, with Services Hospital attached to it. It was then shifted to its present location in May 18, 1989 and attached with Jinnah Hospital Lahore. It is bestowed with a beautiful campus of lush green lawns and tall shady trees spread over a vast area. Situated on the bank of canal, it is an ideal environment for learning. The institution is rapidly picking up pace with the newer needs and growing trends in medical profession. In a short time, it has become a focus of medical education, training, patient care and research & development. In the march of time this institution has established its supremacy in the area of medical education. The institution is blessed with highly qualified and trained teachers and consultants of national and International repute. Therefore medical students have rated it as the top most choice for their studies. With 1416 students studying to be doctors at Allama Iqbal Medical College and learning practical procedures at Jinnah, over 7000 doctors have graduated from here over the last ten years.

Source: UHS, Lahore

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